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We headhunt globally for exceptional full-time remote talent that matches your company’s core values and culture.


Start seeing candidates in under two weeks.

Hire Effortlessly Now!


Are you a business leader who can't find talents with the right skills for your growing company? Do you find yourself losing in the talent war? You know that the world is full of extraordinary people, but how do you find them? We've been where you are, and we understand exactly how you feel and what you need. We are passionate about giving you the competitive edge you've been searching for by providing you with the best remote international talents.

When your business depends on specialized talents amidst a skill shortage, hiring full-time remote employees can be an invaluable tool. We pride ourselves in ensuring that you have the best talent available, without geographical constraints, by searching the globe for outstanding and career-driven remote talents ideal for your industry, culture, and time zone. We've helped thousands of employers fill their vacancies, and our candidates are highly skilled and motivated to work. Saving you time, money and resources.


Better People, Better Value.

You get the best in the world, no compromises. Saving up to 60% is a mere side-effect.

As Tested By SCIENCE!

Studies show that remote employees are more engaged with their work and work longer hours.

The World’s Best Talent, For You.

Your remote employees act just like your other employees – they simply work from another building.

Our hassle-free three step recruitment process


Understanding your company and requirements.

Talk to us and share your company's requirements and work culture. This is where we understand what your dream employee is like.


We find the top two percent worldwide.

Our team starts finding the right talent that's the best fit for your organization. Once that happens, we select the top five stars and share the details with you.


Hire with no fuss.

We finalize the asset and handle the boring stuff that involves payments, contracts and integration - you HATE IT, we HANDLE IT.

Turnkey remote recruitment solutions!
Let us act as your extended HR department and handle every aspect of recruitment for you.



Vacation and Holidays

Gather your supporting documents

Contracts and legal

Unbiased employee evaluation

Conflict mediation

Morale and challenges report

We keep your employees happy and productive

Don't see what you need? Ask us.


  • What kind of service do you provide?
    The Labour Market Impact Assessment Work Permit Extension on the Work Permit Permanent Residence Status in Canada Relocation Assistance (S.I.N., Banking, temporary accommodation, Health Care and ESL, etc.)
  • What positions do you recruit for?
    We provide placement services primarily in the Construction, Trucking, Welding, Manufacturing, and Service Industries. Our primary focus is to assist your organization by matching you with the right employees based on your specific needs. We do this while building partnerships based on mutual respect, trust, and professionalism.
  • What countries do you recruit from?
    We recruit from any country worldwide but specialize in select countries due to the availability of high and low skilled workers and the success rate of the immigration process per country. We specialize in recruiting from the Philippines, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Macao and Singapore.
  • What is the difference between low-skill and high-skill workers?
    The National Occupational Classification or NOC defines the difference between low and high skilled workers for short. The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is the nationally accepted reference on occupations in Canada. Each occupation has a designated NOC code based on the skill requirements required to perform the job. High-skilled workers are designated under skill levels 0, A, or B of the National Occupational Classification Matrix. Low-skilled positions are designated as skill levels C and D of the matrix. For further information, please refer to the matrix here.
  • Can a foreign worker work for someone else?
    Foreign workers who immigrate to Canada on a temporary work visa cannot work for any other employer unless authorized to do so. To obtain authorization to work for another employer is a painstaking process. In most cases, an employee will not try to switch employers as long as they are treated fairly and the employment contract terms are met.
  • What are my obligations as an employer?
    As an employer, you are obligated to treat foreign workers the same as treating Canadian workers. A contract between the foreign worker and the potential employer is signed before the foreign worker is granted their work permit. This contract outlines the obligations made between the employer and the employee. If the foreign worker does not meet the criteria set forth by the employer for their employees, the employer is under no obligation to keep them and can terminate their contract.
  • How long does the process take?
    The length of the process depends on the position the company is recruiting for and the country they wish to recruit from. The shortest time frame to have a foreign worker in Canada is approximately one month. The waiting times to acquire a foreign worker from beginning to end range from approximately 3-7 months.
  • How much do I have to pay for wages?
    Service Canada requirements dictate that you must pay the "Median Wage." As the Median Wage changes regularly and varies by occupation and is further determined by geographical location, we ask that you please get in touch with us for the current salary in your area for a specific occupation.
  • Do I have to deduct CPP, EI and employment tax from the foreign worker?"
    Employers are responsible for deducting the same taxes as they would from their Canadian employees.
  • Do I have to provide accommodation to the foreign worker?
    We can assist your company in finding accommodation for your foreign employees for a small fee, or you can choose to help the workers secure their accommodations. The employer must ensure that the employee's accommodations are no greater than 33% of the employee's gross wage for low-skilled workers. Temporary foreign workers usually choose to share accommodations to lower the cost of living.
  • How much do your services cost?
    Our company has several packages available to suit your needs.
  • Do I need to sign a contract?
    You will be required to sign a contract for either a one or two-year period. However, if for some reason you no longer need the worker, you may terminate the contract provided that it is done in accordance with the provincial labour laws in your province.
  • How long can I employ a Foreign Worker?
    There are currently no restrictions on the length of employment. As long as both the employer and the employee meet the Temporary Foreign Worker Program requirements, they may renew indefinitely.
  • Aside from wages, are there other costs associated with getting a Foreign Worker?"
    If you are hiring a lower-skill worker, you will be responsible for purchasing a return flight for the worker as an employer. If you are hiring a skilled worker, you are not required to pay the flight costs.
  • Can I hire a part-time Temporary Foreign worker?
    All positions must be full-time. However, the number of hours that qualify as full-time varies significantly from province to province. It can be as little as 30 hours per week, depending on which province the Foreign Worker is employed in. There are some exceptions, such as a Temporary Foreign Worker holding an open work permit or a study permit.

The world is changing, are you?

With everything shifting online, now is your best chance to leverage the global talent pool and hire a remote resource that can add value to your organization.

Reach out to us today and let us find the ideal remote talent.



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