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  • Suzette Tiempo

5 Reasons Canada Is the Best Place to Study for International Students

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

In the past decade, Canada has become one of the most attractive destinations for international students. In a recent survey by the U.K.-based organization IDP, 60 percent of the 4,000 surveyed students chose Canada over other countries to pursue their studies. The quality of education in Canada is high and respected around the world. Canadian universities regularly rank among the best, and programs are available in almost every field of study. This blog post will highlight the top five reasons Canada is an excellent place for international students.

  • International students can bring their immediate family with them while studying in Canada. Having your family in Canada while studying can have multiple advantages. The most obvious benefit is the comfort of having a family with you in a new country. It's easy to feel homesick when away from your loved ones, and having them around can make it easier to adjust to your new surroundings. Another benefit of bringing your family while on a student visa is that your spouse may work in Canada while you study, which can also help your financial situation. If your spouse can find a career that is considered skilled in Canada, he may use that career experience towards applying for permanent residency for the whole family. If the international student has children under the age of majority, they may attend pre-school, elementary or high school without paying international fees.

  • Easier transition to permanent resident. Foreign students and their families can take advantage of the multiple options the federal and provincial governments provide to help them transition to permanent residents, such as Provincial Nomination Program (PNP), Express Entry, etc. Permanent resident applicants who have Canadian education and work experience would have a better chance of being selected than applicants outside the country. Each Canadian province has a program that prioritizes foreign students who graduated from a recognized Canadian education institution located in that particular province. This means that foreign students' chances of transitioning from temporary to permanent residents will increase drastically.

  • Postgraduate work permit. A postgraduate work permit can be an excellent opportunity for foreign students who wants to work in Canada after graduation. This permit is available to graduates of eligible designated learning institutions under specific programs. This is primarily to allow international students time and opportunities to explore and participate in the Canadian labour market without becoming permanent residents/citizens. This is very helpful for foreign students because it gives them some time after achieving their degrees to gain practical work experience that they may use to apply for their permanent residency in Canada.

  • Work while you study. As an international student in Canada, you can work 20 hrs a week off-campus during regular school term/semester, 40 hours per week during scheduled school breaks, or 40 hours a week on campus. Some students find this to be a great opportunity. The most obvious reason is it can help the student with the financial cost of studying in Canada. It can also help the student develop professional skills and build their resumes. Another advantage for an international student's career is that it may give them a better chance of being accepted by Canadian employers after graduation. Working while studying can also help international students practise their language skills and learn about their area.

  • A strong economy and excellent job opportunities after graduation. Canada is an open and progressive society with high employment rates, making it one of the most favourable countries in which foreign graduates can seek future employment. The current economy in Canada offers healthy opportunities for foreign students to find gainful employment after graduation from both Canadian universities and colleges. Foreign students who graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM), health care and technology will have an easier time finding work after their studies. These programs usually offer co-op opportunities that allow students to earn money while gaining practical skills and experience in their intended field before graduation.

Overall, Canada is an excellent place for international students. Many opportunities are available to them and their families to pursue their education and career goals. With quality health care and safety, it's no wonder it always tops the U.N's list of best places in the world to live. Additionally, Canada is a multicultural country with a diverse population, making it easier for international students to transition into the Canadian society. So there you have it! The top seven reasons Canada is the best place to study for international students. If you are thinking of studying in Canada, contact us today and let's start planning for a brighter future for you and your family.



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